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”I just hadn’t gotten used to this new reality” – read a story in English!

Once upon a rainy night

I was fairly certain the amusement park was empty that night as I had heard no whistling or footsteps for the hour I had been there. It was no wonder though. Nobody wanted to go out into the downpour coming down from the cloudy skies that night, not even the staff or the group of teenagers that would occasionally break in.

That night I decided to start my monthly tour through the park at the house of mirrors. It was a place I felt extremely conflicted about and I usually spent a major part of the night wondering through the maze of never-ending reflections. From the shiny surface of the mirrors surrounding me everywhere I could see a very light, almost transparent figure. On one hand it made me feel like I still had something to hold on to but on the other hand it reminded me of the all the opportunities I had lost. Once again, I spent what felt like a small eternity examining my reflection to see if anything had changed and trying to look for any clear features that could make me feel a bit more like myself. Even though I knew I wouldn’t find anything new in the image staring back at me, I still tried time and time again. I just hadn’t gotten used to this new reality I lived in, after all it hadn’t been a long time since I passed away.

When I stepped outside again, it was raining harder than earlier. I continued my tour as the rain kept pouring through me onto the ground. There were still a few hours until the darkness would engulf me for another month.

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