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Unforgettable experience!


Moi, my name is Amelie and I`m from Germany. I was here in Ylöjärvi for four weeks, from August the 11th to the 10th September. And yes, I can say I really enjoyed the time. In this case, “Kiitos” to everyone, who made this such an unforgettable time.

Why Ylöjärvi? I can`t answer this question. It was luck, I think. But I love Finland, it is absolutely my favourite country. I adore the finnish people, the landscape and now also the (a little bit different) daily finnish life. The language is so amazing. I wanted and still want to learn it.

I can`t tell you everything I did here. It would be too much. I was so often in Tampere for sightseeing, shopping, eating and so much more. Of course, I also visited “Särkänniemi”. (Thank you Saana for that wonderful day!) When you`ve been in Finland but you haven`t been in a cottage, you weren’t really in Finland. So I was really happy to have the opportunity to spend two weekends in two different and very nice cottages. That was the best surrounding to calm down and fill up my energy level. Of course I was doing a lot also in Ylöjärvi like playing miniature golf and so on. 

Your school ”Ylöjärven lukio” is really nice. The most important thing, the food is mostly really good. In my school in Germany it`s so much worse. And the school starts 15 minutes later than I`m used to. That`s like a little dream. But there aren`t so many significant differences between german and finnish schools. In Finland the lessons are long, often too long. (Whole 30 minutes longer than in Germany!) It`s boring especially when you don`t understand one word. But every moment I felt very welcome. And the teachers can deal with technic. That`s something very new for me.

This time was one of the best experiences I have already made in my life. I`m not able to say “that was definitely the best”, but the whole four weeks were just perfect. This is an experience I will never forget. When I should enumerate one thing that has made me the most happy, I can say without much thinking: “Of course the wonderful people I met here.”

Kiitos kaikesta!