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Ylöjärvi Upper Secondary School

Ylöjärvi upper secondary school is located in the heart of beautiful southwestern Finland. The town of Ylöjärvi (almost 30 000 inhabitants) offers ideal surroundings for life and learning in both urban and rural environments.

Ylöjärvi upper secondary school’s focus lies on a wide general education. Our course-based curriculum offers a vast range of choice for our students, but at the same time the relatively small size of the school as well as the friendly atmosphere provide safety and support whenever needed. Our expert teaching staff is one of our main assets, and the school’s modern facilities enable them and the students to make full use of their potential.

In addition to general upper secondary education our students have the opportunity to specialize in entrepreneurship and active citizenship in the so-called Y-studies. This module is so far only available in this school and a maximum of 25 students are chosen for it each year.

The international cooperation is very active. Our students participate in international projects and gatherings on a regular basis. They can participate in our Comenius projects as well as enjoy the opportunities for short-term student exchanges provided by the European School Network (ESN) with partner schools across Europe. For more information on ESN, visit

Our ESN coordinator is Tommi Lindholm (tommi.lindholm(a)

If you want to find out more about the school or its international activities, contact Elina Yli-Pohja (elina.yli-pohja(a), Anu Tarhonen (anu.tarhonen(a) or Anri Tuohimäki (anri.tuohimaki(a)